We buy, renovate, develop and sell properties in Sydney.

Invest In Our Next Project And
Get An 8% Return Back On Your Investment.

If you are looking to renovate or develop your property, we can help you from start to finish.

Whether it's small additions such as:

  • Adding skylights
  • Tinting windows
  • Adding curtains/blinds
  • EV (Electric Vehicle) charging point(s)
  • Installing a hot tub
  • Installing a fire pit
  • Installing a carport
  • installing shelving/cupboards in storage spaces

To mid-size additions such as:

  • Installing an outdoor kitchen
  • Changing carpets to floorboards
  • Extending your kitchen size and storage

To full-blown developments such as:

  • Building a granny-flat
  • Building an extension to your existing house

We can assist from getting the plans and the CDC (Consent Development Certificate) to getting the OC (Occupation Certificate), ready for you to move in. Contact us to let us know what additions/changes you’d like to make to your home.